A representation of the vulva which symbolizes the goddess Shakti is a type o Tantric full-body massage. 

Contrary to some beliefs, the purpose of Yoni massage is not solely to achieve orgasm, although it commonly occurs during Yoni massage. This is presumably because of the higher rate of achieved orgasm during masturbation, compared to sexual intercourse. Due to the stimulation of the vulva, clitoris, g-spot and if desired also the anus build-up, and combined and constant stimulation to the erogenous zones during the massage, achieving orgasm via Yoni massage is probable.

Who should go for it ?
  • If you have suffered from past sexual trauma of any kind.
  • If you are struggling to find your sexual identity as a woman.
  • If you have difficulty expressing your sexual needs and desires to your partner.
  • If you struggle to climax fully by only rubbing and stimulating your clitoris.
  • If you are only able receive pleasure by using different toys and not your hand or partner alone.
  • Lastly if you are just curious and would like to feel like a woman in her power again!


You lie face down on your tummy and I massage your whole body using warm aromatherapy oils starting from the shoulders. After the massage you turn around, lying on your back, and I then massage your Yin side. The massage continues, slowly transforming from whole body massage, to breast massage, to stimulation of the vulva, and finally deep vaginal stimulation. Massage oil, like in many other forms of massage, is not only used, but is also an essential part of the massage, to provide a sufficient amount of lubrication.

My aim is to teach you how to surrender and let go. You are a powerful and beautiful being. All I ask of you is that you trust me enough just by being present and appreciating all the love that you deserve. This is where the strength, happiness and healing begins, when you are present and aware of just being in the moment with your body, mind and spirit. Namaste


45 Minutes R1,200



All travel below 20km is free but above 20km starts from R250 depending on the distance and time

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is a ritual of receiving sensual (sexual) energy to the ecstasy of receiving a nurturing and awakening sensual massage.

Lingam massage

This is experience is where i can focus on your Pelvic area and through arousal and disperse sexual energy so the pleasure is felt through the entire body.

Deep tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that targets the deeper layers of muscles in an effort to realign them.

Warm candle massage

Candle massage-hot melted candle wax running through your body.

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