Terms and Conditions

I want to be your ultimate fantasy and I would like us to make the most of our time together. It's always best to know where we stand with each other before making a decision

1) That you keep to your word and if something comes up, as we all know it does happen, that you keep me notified and informed 8 hours before your appointment. 
*If you do not adhere to this then a cancellation fee of R 1000 will be charged to your account*
2) That you treat me with dignity and respect at all times just as much as I’d do the same towards you. That you do not overstep my boundaries just as I won’t overstep yours.
*Please read the services I provide, I only am willing to partake in those that I’ve listed unless otherwise stated between us on mutual grounds.*
3) That you clearly state in your request as to the services you require before we meet. You must know what you want just as much as I know what I want.
4) That you are well groomed, well spoken and well respected amongst your family, friends and work colleagues.
5) What happens when we’re together only stays there and doesn’t go public.
Remember I respect your privacy and identity just as much as you would for me. 
*If both parties agree to making recordings or videos during our time together we do so without facial or possible public exposures*
 6) Last but not least, NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 25 is allowed to be promiscuous with me. I ONLY offer full body massages to those between the age of 18 and 24, nothing more than that.
Please respect my terms and conditions so that we can meet on mutual grounds and sail smoothly together.
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