The videos and pictures involve me fingering, touching myself and using a variety of techniques and toys. I take them in the bathroom, in my bedroom when I'm alone and in upmarket hotels. Some are explicit and will keep you dripping whilst you're glued to watching me enjoying myself and having multiple orgis. I also have vids of me in action which includes body to body sessions. I take them at the spur of the moment and they are just so so sexy.

Live calls & Videos



Live calls

Live calls by appointment only

Take note that these fees apply to pre recorded videos and photos.
Payment is eft or cash send to my mobile number. I am also available on whatsapp anytime. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Live call Fees

10min live call = R 400
15min live call = R 600
10min video     = R 400
15min video     = R 600
10 pictures       = R 300

Take care and keep safe during this difficult time.

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